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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the word "Mana" mean?

A: Mana is a Hawaiian word that means the power or life energy that flows through all beings and things.

Q: How do I book photography?

A: Fill out our Quick Form on the Contact page to book your session or event.


Q: How do I receive my photos? Can I download or print my photos?

A: After your MMP session or event, we will email you a link to a private online web gallery. From your gallery, you will be able to download or print your high resolution jpeg photo files. You will own the limited copyright to your digital files which means you will be able to print the photos through our lab, or any print vendor.

Q: What locations do you recommend for photo sessions & events?
A: Our photographers are familiar with the best beaches, waterfalls, jungles and other Hawaiian locations for your session! Message us with the type of scenery you are looking for and the area you are staying in, and we will send you a list of recommended locations.

Q: What do you recommend we wear?

A: For photo sessions we recommend you wear comfortable clothing. Our sessions are outside, and photos are taken in locations where there is water or sand on your feet. So, be prepared to take your slippers off and have fun! Choosing clothing in colors that match our tropical surroundings such as blue, green, white or biege look great! Or, wear colors that match the time of day your session will occur such as sunset red, orange or yellow, or sunrise blue, purple or pink. We usually recommend you avoid wearing formal or dark attire.

Q: Does Mana Moments Photography offer a locals discount?

A: Yes! We offer a Kama’aina discount of 10% off all our photography services. Proof of HI state drivers license is required at time of booking your session or event.

Q: What if it rains?!

A: If it rains, or there is a large storm forecast for the time of your session or event, we will do our absolute best to reschedule your photography during your stay.

Q: How many photos will you take during my session?

A: Every session is unique, but in general, for each 30 minutes of photography you have taken you will receive around 50-75 edited images.

Q: Will you edit my photos?

A: Your photographer will select the best images from your session & apply basic photo editing to your pictures such as cropping, color correction & tonality adjustments. Depending upon the services & package you select, more extensive retouching may be available.

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