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Want the secret to taking perfect sunset photos? Check out these Hawaii travel photography tips!

Our PhotOhana loves sharing how we create the best travel photography! Visit any beach in Hawaii each evening and you will find countless visitors taking selfies and cell phone pics galore. The natural beauty and magic of the islands begs for our attention and immediate sharing on social media! What better way to satisfy our urge for instant gratification and creating vacation envy, right?! But, what if those cell phone shots aren’t capturing the best images possible? What if you want the best of the best vacation photos to share FOREVER?! Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

Our gallery below shows side by side comparisons of images taken during a photo session at the Fairmont Kea Lani beach in Wailea, Maui. For each shot, the 1st photo was taken with a professional camera and the 2nd was taken with an iPhone Xs cell phone camera. 

As you can see, the iPhone struggled with proper exposure between the bright light of sunset and dark evening light on our subject, Victoria. Also, the flash on the iPhone was simply not powerful enough to provide enough light on our subject.

The professional photos we took with a Canon DSLR camera and flash look stunning! The professional trick for taking photos at sunset is simple: point your camera at the sunset and expose your camera for the scene. Basically, tell your camera to make that sunset look the best it can be! Then, pop some light on your subject (in this case, Victoria) with a flash. We adjusted the settings on our flash so the light shining on Victoria matched the exposure of the sunset. This way, our subject in the foreground (front) and sunset in the background both shine and look as though they belong together in the surreal paradise of Hawaii. Voila! Maui Magic captured!

Want to create a dramatic silhouette instead? Simply turn off your flash and strike a pose!

Of course the only way to ensure your memories of Hawaii are captured by the best travel photographers is to book your Mana Moments Photography session now! Book at the link below:

Share this post with friends and family who love Hawaii! We hope to see you on island for sunset soon . . . Aloha!

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